Yakima Jeep Grand Cherokee 5dr 2005-2010 TimberLine Car Roof Rack with JetStream Aluminum Bars for Factory Raised Rails

Yakima Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-2010 TimberLine Roof Rack with JetStream Bars, Black

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  • Includes 4 timberline Towers and 2 JetStream Bars
  • Attaches around most raised railings
  • JetStream Bars are constructed with clear anodized aluminum
  • Aerodynamic JetStream Bars are quieter and more fuel efficient
  • Pitch adjustment keeps bars level on vehicles with curved rooflines
  • All installation tools and instructions are included
  • Fully Lockable (locks are sold separately - see below)
The Yakima Jeep Grand Cherokee 5dr 2005-2010 TimberLine Complete Car Roof Rack with JetStream Aluminum Crossbars is designed to firmly attach to your vehicle's factory installed raised railings. TimberLine Towers are part of Yakima's StreamLine Series product line. TimberLine Towers utilize Yakima's over-molded, wrap around, stainless steel straps to fit virtually every factory raised railing profile. With BarBed Pitch Adjustment, crossbar pitch can easily adjust to keep crossbars level on vehicles with curved roof-lines. A pre-calibrated torque driver is included with TimberLine Towers to assure the exact tightness level during installation. The Yakima TimberLine Complete Car Roof Rack with JetStream Bars for Factory Raised Railings includes 4 TimberLine Towers and your choice of Black or Silver Medium 60" Aluminum JetStream Bars (choose bar color option from the dropdown menu above). With the addition of 4 Yakima SKS Lock Cores, TimberLine Towers can be locked to your vehicle's raised railings (sold separately - see below).
  • Maximum weight rating: 165 lbs
  • Maximum bar spread: 34 inches
  • All loads extending beyond the length of the roof (except cargo boxes) must be secured to both the front and rear of the vehicle, in addition to the rack.
  • If crossbar spread is between 24"and 29" length of canoe must be 14 feet or less.
  • Limited to 2 surf/sail/paddleboards. Boards must be stacked - NEVER carry side-by-side.