Yakima 8000148c SkyLine Roof Rack with JetStream Bars, Landing Pads

Yakima Silver JetStream Bars

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  • Includes 4 Skyline Towers, 2 JetStream Aluminum Crossbars and 4 landing pads
  • Fits vehicles with factory fixed points, tracks, and custom applications
  • Pitch adjustment keeps bars level on vehicles with curved rooflines
  • All installation tools and instructions are included
  • Fully Lockable (locks are sold separately - see below)
When you choose this complete rack option, we will verify the vehicle and rack information you provide during checkout to assure you get Yakima's recommended rack fit.

The Yakima 8000148c SkyLine Complete Roof Rack with StreamLine Aluminum Crossbars is designed to install on vehicles with fix-points, factory racks, factory tracks, permanent mounts for fiberglass pickup truck caps, and permanent custom mounts. Yakima SkyLine Towers are part of Yakima's new StreamLine Series product line. Yakima SkyLine Tower's snap-fit design provides an easy-to-use, solid, secure fit to your vehicle. With BarBed Pitch Adjustment, crossbar pitch can easily adjust to keep crossbars level on vehicles with curved roof-lines. A pre-calibrated torque driver is included with SkyLine Towers to assure the exact tightness level during installation. The SkyLine Complete Roof Rack with JetStream Aluminum Crossbars includes 4 Yakima SkyLine Towers, 4 Landing Pads and your choice of Black or Silver Yakima Aluminum JetStream Bars (choose bar color option from the dropdown menu above). Yakima Landing Pads are vehicle specific and available in 19 different shapes and sizes (excludes Landing Pad 21). Please check our Yakima Fit Guide for the exact Landing Pads for your vehicle. Yakima's recommended JetStream Bar length and Landing Pads will be supplied unless otherwise specified. With the addition of 4 Yakima SKS Lock Cores, SkyLine Towers can be locked to your vehicle (sold separately - see below).
  • Yakima 70" and 80" Steel Corebars, 70" JetStream Bars, and 78" round bars have a $15 oversize ship fee.

Yakima Skyline Roof Rack System 2011 - 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee