PowertraxONE XR Tonneau Cover T-70481 Chevy GMC 5.8' Bed 1500 (2019)

Retrax PowertraxONE XR Tonneau Cover T-70481 Chevy GMC 5.8' Bed 1500 (19-22)

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  • Remote keyfob allows this electric retractable cover to open and close with the touch of a button
  • Constructed from a single sheet of durable polycarbonate
  • Patented low-profile design includes a scratch-resistant matte finish
  • Engineered to retract effortlessly without joints or hinges
  • Trax Rail System is compatible with most T-slot accessories from Yakima, Thule, and Rhino Rack
  • Increased cargo capacity while maintaining functionality of the cover when loaded with cargo
  • 3 year Full Warranty followed by a Limited Lifetime Prorated Warranty

The PowertraxONE XR is part of Retrax's polycarbonate tonneau cover series that is constructed from a single sheet of polycarbonate engineered to retract without joints or hinges that could trap dust, wear down or freeze. The PowertraxONE XR polycarbonate truck bed cover combines durable polycarbonate with a resilient matte finish creating a high quality and low maintenance product. This electric retractable bed cover can be opened and close with the touch of a button on the included remote keyfob. The patented low-profile design is flush with the truck bed cover, streamling the overall appearance while also providing a firm, dependable seal to help to keep the truck bed dry. Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted onto the aluminum support beams allow the PowertraxONE XR truck bed cover to open and close effortlessly without the use of springs or other moving parts that could catch or malfunction. The PowertraxONE XR tonneau cover optimizes cargo capacity with the cover open or closed, providing the ultimate versatility in cargo management. The PowertraxONE XR tonneau cover series incorporates a unique Trax Rail System that works with most T-slot accessories from Yakima, Thule, Rhino Rack etc., offering endless possibilities. Pairing the Trax Rail System with various aftermarket rack accessories can increase cargo capacity by freeing up the truck's hitch with the ability to mount bikes, coolers, outdoor gear and more on top of the bed cover. The Yakima OverHaul Truck Rack System works seamlessly with the PowertraxONE XR tonneau cover series. If you have any questions about the PowertraxONE XR tonneau cover, please call us at 800-272-5362 or send us an email at info@rackwarehouse.com. Retrax Tonneau Covers do require minor maintenance and care. Check out the Retrax Maintenance & Care Guide.

The PowertraxONE XR has a 1 year full warranty followed by a limited lifetime warranty at a prorated price unless otherwise specified. The warranty is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Retrax makes every effort to assure that their products meet high quality and durability standards and that each product is free from defects in materials and workmanship. It is strongly recommended that all purchased Retrax Tonneau Covers are registered on Retrax.com.